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Worksheets are educational resources for parents of early learners.

Get More Practice with Over 15,000 Worksheets

Download and print in seconds

What does it mean to have thousands of worksheets on an education website anyway? It means you’ll find everything your kids need, whether they’re obsessed with mazes this month or need extra help with times tables.
  • Educational resources for students in preschool through high school
  • Reinforce classroom learning or a homeschool curriculum
Lesson plans are learning resources created by teachers and available on our educational website.

Lesson Plans
Created by Teachers

High Quality Comprehensive Lessons

We've partnered with our top teachers to develop comprehensive educational lesson plans that will help you teach the most important early learning skills.
  • Available for preschool through fifth grade
  • Topics in reading, math, writing, science, and more
  • Search by Common Core Standard
Workbooks are great educational resources for teachers or home schoolers.

Go In-Depth with Hundreds of Workbooks

Flex the skills that matter most

Our workbooks are designed to help kids focus on specific skills and topics in age-appropriate ways. The books are created and reviewed by teachers to be aligned to education standards, and flexible for different learning and teaching styles.
  • Available for preschool through fifth grade
  • Fun, vibrant themes keep kids engaged
Not every website is educational when it comes to games. See our learning games for kids and experience the difference.

Enhance Math and Reading Skills with Brainzy

Make screen time matter

Our game-based math and reading program guides kids through learning with endearing characters, fun songs, and beautifully illustrated stories.
  • Available for preschool to second grade
  • 300+ songs, stories, and games
  • Ad-free and kid-safe
  • Can be enjoyed on a laptop, desktop, or tablet
Science education starts with a great science experiment.

Spark Curiosity with Science Fair Projects

Inspire kids to think critically about their world

Our science project ideas are written by science educators, enthusiasts and—yep!—scientists. With step-by-step instructions, explanations, and printable material lists, each project is a learning resource that keeps kids focused.
  • Experiment ideas span kindergarten through high school
  • Projects on cool topics like engineering, psychology, physics, social science, and more
These educational activities prove that learning resources don’t have to be dry.

Activities for Any Time

Enjoy something different every day

Fill playtime or class learning centers with our hands-on educational activities, games, and crafts. Our activities section is full of both quick, easy crafts and more involved projects that explore math, phonics, history, and more.
  • Thousands of educational activities for preschool through high school
  • Inspiring arts & crafts like beautiful homemade decorations and holiday-themed gifts

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