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Looking for kids activities to show your child the fun side of learning? From science experiments and math games to writing projects and more, we've got you covered!

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Help your child sharpen time skills by creating a special day and charting each  part in a detailed schedule.
Second Grade
Why not add some red, white, and blue to your life, and give your kid some practice with a major math concept...counting to 100 independently.
Counting & Numbers
Make this delectable custard, meringue, and graham cracker pie will give your fifth grader practice with measurement and get him interested in the kitchen.
Fifth Grade
This brain teaser challenges your fifth grader to unscramble some specialized Winter Olympics language.
Fifth Grade
Show your third grader how to craft his own version of the symbolic Olympic rings using some easy-to-find art supplies!
Third Grade
Construction & Sculpture
Future whistleblowers can learn about product safety standards with this exercise in writing and researching.
High School
Make a simple construction paper headband to show his Olympic pride in this quick and easy arts and crafts activity.
Paper & Glue Crafts
Show your second grader how to celebrate nature by turning some collected pencil shavings into miniature 3-D designs.
Second Grade
Construction & Sculpture
Take advantage of the upcoming Irish holiday, Saint Patrick's Day, to encourage your third grader to flex his poetry muscles and come up with a haiku.
Third Grade
Help your 4th grader master the art of reading and analyzing bar graphs while following the Winter Olympics with this fun math activity.
Fourth Grade
Probability & Statistics
A riff on the classic board game, St. Patrick's Day Snakes and Ladders is a fun game the whole family can enjoy.
Third Grade
St. Patrick's Day
Make a story summary folder with your child this summer to keep her mind sharp and to help her develop those critical thinking skills.
Second Grade
Here's a quick, engaging and fun game you can play around the dinner table to review several different school subjects.
Middle School
Test Taking
Liven up a lesson about graphing by helping your third grader compile a bar graph from his classmates' birthday data.
Third Grade
Probability & Data

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