Steal the Bacon Activity

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Updated on Jul 1, 2014

If you're looking for a pool game that's fun and easy to play, look no further. "Steal the Bacon,"  is a classic kids game and this watery variation is ideal during those hot summer months! Never heard of Steal the Bacon before? In a nutshell, the game involves two teams competing against each other to steal the "bacon" (an empty plastic bottle). Once one player grabs the bacon, he has to elude the other player and successful return to one side of the pools before being tagged out. It's a great way to spend afternoon at the pool!

What You Need:

  • Empty plastic bottle with cap
  • At least four kids in the pool

What You Do:

  1. Separate the players into two teams. Teams line up in the water along two opposite edges of the pool, with the players facing each other.
  2. Have team members count off simultaneously so that each player on one team is matched to the player on the opposite team with the same number.
  3. Choose a bacon-thrower and have him throw the bacon into the center of the pool between the two teams. Then he should call out a number.
  4. The two players who have been assigned whatever number number is called must swim as quick as they can and try to retrieve the bacon.
  5. The first player to grab the bacon must swim to either team line in order to score a point. But watch out! The other player will try to tag his opponent. If a player is tagged before he reaches the line, no point is scored. The team with the most points wins!

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