Make Snowman Soup! Activity

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Updated on Dec 3, 2013

Snowman soup is an extra special kind of hot chocolate. When it’s cold and blustery outside, nothing tastes better than a warm cup of cocoa…unless it’s a steaming mug of snowman soup, stirred with a peppermint stick! This cooking project, which requires only stirring, is perfect for kids and makes a fun holiday gift for teachers and friends. Make some snowman soup with your child, and let him practice measuring and mixing this holiday season.

What You Need:

  • For cocoa: 5 cups powdered milk, 2 ½ cups powdered sugar, 3/4 cup cocoa powder, ¾ cup powdered non-dairy creamer
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Individually wrapped candy canes
  • Clean, empty jars or zip-top sandwich baggies
  • Ribbon
  • Optional: holiday mugs

What You Do:

  1. To make hot chocolate mix: help your child place a fine strainer basket over a large bowl and press each ingredient through the basket with a spoon to break up any lumps. Stir well.
  2. Fill each jar or baggie ¾ full of the mix.
  3. Top with a layer of mini marshmallows and a layer of chocolate chips.
  4. Close baggie or jar. Tie a candy cane to each jar with the ribbon.
  5. To give as a gift, place the baggie of cocoa mix in a new holiday mug and write out instructions: Add a few spoonfuls of snowman soup to boiling water, stir with the candy cane, and enjoy!

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