"I'm Not Bored!" Book Activity

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Updated on Dec 28, 2012

Is the "I'm bored" declaration a popular topic of conversation in your household? Children are filled with energy, always learning and growing, and needing constant stimulation. So it is no wonder that one of the most commonly used phrases in their vocabulary lexicon is, "I'm bored." And with the school year coming to an end and summer just around the corner, the need for boredom-proof activities is especially important. The cure for boredom is not much farther than your fingertips, in this easy (and personal) student project! This activity will not only help prevent future boredom, but it's also a fun "boredom remedy" in and of itself. But hurry, complete this activity before it’s needed!

What You Need:

  • Paper and pen (or computer)
  • Stapler
  • Decorating materials your child might like (for example: stickers, markers, crayons, family pictures, etc.)

What You Do:

  1. Ask your child to make a list of his/her favorite activities. Younger children can dictate their ideas to parents. Activity categories can include: Outside Activities, Inside Activities, Activities with Friends and Activities Alone.
  2. Staple the lists into a book or type and print it out on the computer. Be sure to make a title page!
  3. Have your child decorate the book however she likes.
  4. Refer to this book whenever the "I’m Bored" statement makes an appearance! You can continue to add to the book as you and your child find more and more ways to keep that boredom at bay!

This book is something your child can refer to on her own, whenever she feels like it, and hopefully she will get in the habit of trying to find fun things to do before she declares that she's bored!

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