Make Truck Tracks! Activity

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Updated on Jul 2, 2013

Using different tools to express oneself through paint is a preschooler’s dream. Having him discover how different tools create different images helps his brain expand to think beyond just a paintbrush. Plus, it's pretty cool to dip regular items into paint and see what happens!

With this craft, all you need are some old toy trucks and some paint and paper. Your child will be amazed to see how things other than paintbrushes can create beautiful images. He’ll have a whole new interpretation of “truck driving” after finishing this creative craft!

What You Need:

  • Toy trucks (plastic is preferable since it’s easier to clean when finished)
  • Paint
  • Paint trays (at least 4)
  • Paper

What You Do:

  1. Place several toy trucks on the table in a tray.
  2. Place a large sheet of butcher paper or white paper in front of each child. You may want them to wear a smock or some protective clothing because they're going to get messy!
  3. Put one color of paint in each tray and place them on the table.
  4. Have the kids take a truck and roll it in the paint and then roll the truck on the paper. It seems simple, but the kids will really be amazed to see their toy truck leaving behind such colorful tracks.
  5. Encourage the kids to use different trucks on the same paper and talk about why the trucks with larger wheels make larger tracks, etc. They won’t want to use a boring old paintbrush again!
Lisa M. Cope is a freelance writer who focuses on parenting and child development issues, among many others. She is the mother of two boys, ages five and two.

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