Golf for Kids Activity

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Updated on Oct 24, 2012

Teach your child to play golf without the clubs! Introduce her to Pebble Golf, a new rendition of the classic sport. This is great game to play on a sandy beach with a good supply of rocks and pebbles. Not only will your child be having fun and getting exercise, but she'll also be developing her depth perception while she's at it!

What You Need:

  • 1 pebble or small ball for each player
  • 2 or more kids

What You Do:

  1. Plan your golf course. Decide how many holes it will have; nine is generally a good number to start with.
  2. For each hole, there is a starting line and a hole. Make each hole varying distances from its starting line. The distance can be made longer or shorter depending on the age and skill level of the players.
  3. To make a hole, draw a circle on the sand, and dig a hole big enough for the pebbles or balls to fit into. Number each hole, and mark its starting line with a stick.
  4. Have each player choose a pebble about the size of a tennis ball. The pebble can be any shape, but the rounder the better.
  5. Players gather at the starting line and try to get their pebbles into the first hole by rolling or throwing their pebbles successively. The player who gets her pebble in the hole with the least amount of throws or rolls wins that hole.
  6. The game continues in this manner until all the holes have been played.
  7. The player with the least amount of throws or rolls added across the entire course is the winner.
Adapted with permission from "101 Family Vacation Games: Have Fun While Traveling , Camping or Celebrating at Home" by Shando Varda. Hunter House Publishers (2006).

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