Practice Reading with a Rainbow Puzzle! Activity

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Updated on Jul 3, 2013

Puzzles are fun, and guess what? They're also a great way to help your child learn to read! Your kindergartener is probably already learning about sight words--short words that appear again and again in our language that children should recognize instantly. With this activity, you can easily turn sight words into beautiful rainbow puzzles for your emergent reader to reassemble. It's fun for your child, and you'll rest assured that she's getting some important practice in reading!

What You Need:

  • Construction paper
  • Envelopes
  • Markers in assorted colors
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. Write the sight word on a piece of paper. A typical kindergarten sight word list may include words such as: I, see, am, the, me, my, like, go, have, do, but, no, said, on, make, you, a, it, is, play, we, can. Make the letters about 2" high and 1" apart.
  2. Outline the letters in one or two different colors so each letter has a rainbow effect. Use bright colors like red and yellow, blue and purple, or green and orange!
  3. Cut out each letter in a fun zigzag or jigsaw format.
  4. Put the finished puzzle into an envelope. Write the word on the outside of the envelope to store the puzzle and so your child can use it as a visual aide as she's solving it.
  5. Hand your child the envelope and dump the letters onto the floor or table. Mix up the pieces, and then challenge her to put the puzzle back together! Recognizing the letters and stringing them together is an important step for your emerging reader, and this colorful puzzle is a fun way to practice!
Gina Dal Fuoco has been an elementary school teacher in California for over 12 years, and has also taught English as a foreign language in Italy. Gina is the mother of a toddler and a kindergartener.

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