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Silhouette Portraits

Silhouette Portraits Activity

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Silhouettes are the outlines of objects and people, and a hundred years ago, before cameras and photos were popular, women used to wear the silhouettes of loved ones on cameo brooches and pins. Here's an activity that allows you to recreate this art. While these silhouettes are much larger, they're still sweet reminders of loved ones and a good time gone by. And all it takes is a flashlight, paper, and some markers!

What You Need:

  • Large roll of white paper
  • Chair
  • Flashlight
  • At least 3 people – the child who will appear in silhouette, plus you and one other person
  • Crayons and markers
  • Tape

What You Do:

  1. Tape a long piece of paper to the wall.
  2. Set a chair sideways in front of the paper. Have your child sit in it, so his profile is facing you.
  3. Give the third person the flashlight and have him shine it on your child, so his shadow is projected onto the white paper.
  4. Trace his outline with black marker.
  5. Turn off the flashlight, and let him color in his profile with half a mouth, an eye, hair, and even clothes!

Now your silhouette is finished. Hang it up as you outline the profiles of other family members and friends, and you can create a silhouette gallery walk!

Updated on Jun 17, 2013
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See more activities in: Third Grade, History
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