Turtle Craft Activity

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Updated on Jul 2, 2013

Using just a few ordinary materials, you and your kindergartener can make this delightful turtle-shaped craft. Little will she know that while she’s creating this work of art, she’s also exploring the letter T and building crucial small motor skills she’ll need throughout school!

What You Need:

  • 3 lightweight white dinner-size paper plates
  • Green construction paper
  • 2 wiggly eyes
  • Black sharpie or other thick marker
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Flat glue-on craft “gems” (optional)

What You Do:

  1. First make the shell of your turtle. Start by cutting a small, pie-shaped wedge into one of the pie plates. Then bring the extra edges together and glue them:
  2. Now invite your child to use markers to decorate the turtle's shell. You can start with squared-off designs like a real turtle's shell, but it's also OK to give this turtle some extra touches, like glued-on craft “gems”! As you go, be sure to remind him that he is creating his own “turtle,” emphasizing that clear “t” sound.
  3. On the underside of the shell, write some "t" words. Brainstorm with your child: how many words can he think of that begin with t? Have him dictate while you write. If he's interested in doing the writing, by all means let him dig in!
  4. From the next paper plate, cut out four turtle legs, a turtle neck and head, and a tail. Color and decorate them with green markers, then staple them onto the edge of the turtle shell.
  5. Now you're ready to assemble the whole turtle. Attach the domed shell to the third plate by stapling it just at the back, so you have a “hinge.”

The area inside is a perfect size for a present of treats, perhaps for a neighbor or relative. You could include cookies, or nuts, or even Truffles with a capital T!

Julie Williams, M.A. Education, taught middle and high school History and English for seventeen years. Since then, she has volunteered in elementary classrooms while raising her two sons and earning a master's in school administration. She has also been a leader in her local PTA.

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