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Alphabet Block Children's Menorah

Alphabet Block Children's Menorah Activity

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This children's menorah is a fun Hanukkah craft that lets your child celebrate the Festival of Lights while learning his ABCs! If your child has a set of alphabest blocks, this craft will help you turn them into a beautiful children's menorah. Kids will love seeing their toys turn into a beautiful holiday ornament! Make this children's menorah with your child, and have a Happy Hanukkah!

What You Need:

  • Ten alphabet blocks (preferably wooden ones) containing the letters of the child’s name, your family's last name, or words such as 'Menorah' or 'Hanukkah'.
  • Glue
  • Wooden base, similar to a ruler
  • Nine small metal round “nuts” from the hardware store
  • Candles (the thinner the better)

What You Do:

  1. Get started by lining up your 9 blocks so that they spell your child’s name when you look at it from the front. Again, if nine letters isn’t enough, or is too many, get creative! Put a decorative sticker on the blocks that you don’t need to use, or paint them a different color. Or if you have the space, spell out another word.
  2. Glue the blocks to the wooden base.
  3. Glue an additional block on the block in the center to serve as your Shamash. (Maybe choose the first letter of the child’s last name, or middle initial.)
  4. Now it’s time to make the candle holders. Simply glue the “nuts” to the top of each block.
  5. Now you’re ready to light it up. Place a candle in the first block for the first night of Hannukah and you’re all set to celebrate the festival of lights!


Updated on Nov 21, 2013
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See more activities in: First Grade, Hanukkah
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