Bat Craft Activity

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Updated on Oct 17, 2013

This bat craft is a fun project for crafty witches and warlocks! Crafting your own Halloween decorations can be fun and easy. This bat craft only requires some simple sewing and scrap fabric, but the end result is one spooky homemade Halloween decoration. Make a spooky bat craft to hang around your house on Halloween night.

What You Need:

  • Two black felt rectangles
  • Scissors
  • White paper and pencil
  • Black thread and sewing needle
  • Batting
  • Sticker eyes, or wiggle eyes and hot glue

What You Do:

  1. First, have your child draw a bat shape on white paper with a pencil. The shape should be as if the bat were facing forward.
  2. Have her cut out the shape. This will be the pattern for the fabric.
  3. Have her place the shape on each rectangle and cut around it. Pin it in place if she has a hard time keeping it in one spot.
  4. Help her thread a sewing needle with black thread. Then, let her stitch the two pieces of felt together with around three sides of the bat shape. She should leave one side open for stuffing the bat. Any knots from the thread can go between the bat shapes or on the side that will be the back of the bat.
  5. Let her stuff the batting inside the shape, filling it into each corner. Poke the filling in gently to avoid making holes in the felt. 
  6. When she is finished stuffing the bat, she can finish sewing up the last side of the bat.
  7. Use sticker eyes on the bat’s face or help her to hot glue some wiggle eyes into place. 
  8. If she wishes to hang her bat up as a Halloween decoration, she can sew a black or orange piece of yarn to the back side of the bat. Hang it in a window to welcome trick or treaters!
Beth Levin has an M.A. in Curriculum and Education from Columbia University Teachers College. She has written educational activities for Macmillan/McGraw-Hill and Renaissance Learning publishers. She has a substitute teaching credential for grades K-12 in Oregon, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.