Make a Bug Headband Activity

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Updated on Oct 8, 2012

Your bug-lover will love this fun arts and crafts activity. She'll decorate her own bug headband with all the bugs she can think of, then she'll attach antennae on the top for some extra fun. When she's all done, she'll have a fun and unique headband that she can wear the next time she goes on a bug hunt!

What You Need:

  • Tape measure
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler or tape
  • Marker
  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • 2 pompoms

What You Do:

  1. Use the tape measure to measure the circumference of your child’s head.
  2. Make a headband by cutting the construction paper into a 2" wide strip that is the length of the measurement.
  3. Encourage your child to draw bugs or anything else she wants on her headband. How many different bugs can she draw? Does she remember the unique features of every bug?
  4. When she's done decorating the headband, have her glue a pompom to one end of each pipe cleaner. Let the glue dry. These will be used for her antennae.
  5. Encourage her to attach the pipe cleaners several inches apart to the undecorated side of the strip of paper. Help her staple, glue, or tape them in place.
  6. When everything is dry, the headband is ready to put on! Tape or staple the ends of the strip together to fit snugly around her head. Then have her look in the mirror! She's created a new fun bug costume she can wear anytime she wants!

For a fun outside activity, take your child on a bug hunt when you're done with this project. She can wear her headband while she looks for real bugs! What different bugs live in your backyard? You'd be surprised what you can find turning over stones or digging in the dirt! Encourage her to be gentle with her new bug friends, and not pick up any bugs that she's not sure are safe. You never know what trick they might be hiding up their sleeves!

Adapted with permission from "The GIANT Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities." Copyright 2004 by Kathy Charner (Editor), Maureen Murphy (Editor), and Jennifer Ford (Editor). Used by Permission of Gryphon House, Inc., Maryland. All Rights Reserved.

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