Make a Bunny Paper Bag Puppet Activity

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Updated on Jul 16, 2014

Jump into pretend play this Easter with a classic preschool craft: make a bunny paper bag puppet! This simple, no-fuss craft gets little imaginations going and even helps build strong hand muscles for improved fine motor skills.

What You Need:

  • Brown paper lunch bag
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear drying, non-toxic glue or glue stick
  • Cotton balls
  • Markers
  • Felt or tempera paint and paint brush (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Have your child turn the paper bag so the flap is at the top and facing him.
  2. Ask him to cut out two bunny ears, two eyes, and a nose and place them on the flap to make the bunny's face.
  3. Once he's happy with the arrangement of the bunny's face, glue the facial features and ears to the bag.
  4. Have your child add details and decorations such as spots or stripes using the markers.
  5. Give your bunny fur by painting it on with tempera paint or gluing on pieces of felt (optional).
  6. Set the puppet aside to dry.
  7. Once dry, have your child turn the puppet over and glue a cluster of cotton balls on the back .

Use the bunny to put on a dramatic Easter-themed puppet show. Make other animal paper bag puppets and get the whole family involved in the fun!

Erica Loop has a MS in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Education. She has many years of teaching experience working in early childhood education, and as an arts educator at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh.

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