Autumn Symbols Drawing Game

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Updated on Oct 10, 2014

If you have an artistically-inclined kid, it's important to find fun ways for her to cultivate her talents. With all of the focus on academic subjects, your kid might not get very many opportunities to put her artistic abilities to good use. This fall-themed drawing game is a great way to introduce your kid to some of the important symbols of the fall season, and it'll give her an opportunity to practice her drawing skills at the same time. Your kid might already be familiar with all of these symbols of the season, but if there's any she doesn't know can always look them up!

What You Need:

  • Poster board
  • Ruler
  • Markers
  • Pencil
  • Dictionary (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Using the marker and the ruler, help your child draw a grid on top of the poster board that divides it into 10 different sections.
  2. Then take over duties and, using the marker, write the following sentences across the top of each compartment. Only write one sentence in each section, making sure to leave a lot of empty space below each sentence:
    • Can you draw a turkey?
    • Can you draw a rake?
    • Can you draw a pumpkin?
    • Can you draw a leaf?
    • Can you draw a cornucopia?
    • Can you draw a cornstalk?
    • Can you draw a leafless tree?
    • Can you draw a scarecrow?
    • Can you draw a hay bale?
    • Can you draw a buckled hat? 
  3. To play the game, she must begin by reading the sentence in the first compartment aloud.
  4. Next, she 'll need to figure out what the sentence is asking her to draw. Have her use the dictionary to look up any unfamiliar words.
  5. Then, using the pencil, she should do her best to draw whatever the sentence is asking in the available space. (For example, if she is in the "Can you draw a turkey?" box, she should try and draw a turkey.)
  6. Have her keep playing until she successfully makes it through each box. 

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