Color Names Activity

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Updated on Mar 6, 2014

Help your child learn colors in a bright, engaging game using craft sticks and markers! The sticks are separated into two groups. One group has the name of a color written on it in black marker, the other group of sticks will have a variety of designs, or patterns created in individual colors. Your child will have to pair them up, and she'll learn the colors while she makes her matches.

What You Need:

  • 14 craft sticks
  • Markers, colors of the rainbow plus black

What You Do:

  1. Separate the sticks into two piles, seven sticks in each group.
  2. With the first group of sticks, assign one color to each stick and encourage your child to create a different design or pattern on each stick using that one color. Some example of patterns you could use are: zigzags, stripes and circles.
  3. On the second group of sticks, have her write the name of each color with a black marker. You may have to help her spell the color names correctly.
  4. Mix the sticks up and ask her to pair the colors names up with the appropriate colored designs.
  5. When she's finished, have her read the names of the colors on the sticks while she looks at the color patterns.

If your child is just starting the process of recognizing color names, you may want to provide a chart for her to use as a reference. Just write out the color names and draw a box with the matching color beside it. Using a reference tool will help increase her confidence as she's doing the activity, and the more she plays the quicker she'll be able to recognize the color names.