Valentine's Day Game

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Updated on Jul 27, 2012

According to Roman mythology, Cupid, the god of love and beauty, could use his arrows to create love. Your child can take on Cupid's role by orchestrating an arrow tossing game among some friends. This Valentine's Day challenge is sure to inspire love and friendship! In addition to being fun, this festive game cultivates some important skills; kids boost both motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

What You Need:

  • 2 empty cereal boxes
  • Scissors
  • White printer paper
  • Tape or glue
  • Red and pink paper
  • Glitter (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Take two large cereal boxes and cut out a large heart shape from the front center of each box. The heart-shaped holes will be the target through which your child throws "Cupid's arrow."
  2. If the boxes are opened at the top, have your child reseal them with tape.
  3. Ask him to decorate the boxes with the red and pink paper and glitter (optional). He can embellish the boxes with Valentine's Day shapes or words; the design is his to create!
  4. Set the boxes about eight steps apart. Lean them up against a wall, or put a soda can beneath them so they tilt slightly upward.
  5. It's time to construct Cupid's arrows! Standard paper planes make great aerodynamic arrows; you will want to make at least four of them to throw at the targets. Encourage your little Cupid to use red or pink paper if he's feeling festive! (As an alternative, or to make extra "arrows," you can also use balled up paper.)
  6. Instruct two or more players to each aim for a box and take turn throwing the arrows at the targets. Keep track of how many times each Cupid's arrows make it into the target, and name a winner at the end based on the highest score.