Make Your Own Computer Costume!

Make Your Own Computer Costume! Activity

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If you think making your own Halloween costumes is tricky, think again. This recycled box costume is less hassle than fighting your way through the crowd at the local Halloween store, and your little computer nerd will love getting to dress up like his favorite piece of electronic equipment. If you like the idea of an easy, do-it-yourself costume but are not too fond of the computer idea, you can use the same steps to make a robot costume, a birthday present costume or even a box of macaroni and cheese costume! This activity is not only practical and cost-effective, but it's also a great way for you and your child to spend some time together doing a fun craft project.

What You Need:

  • A medium-sized cardboard box (intact) - big enough to fit around your child’s torso
  • Spray paint (silver)
  • Hobby knife or sturdy scissors
  • Clue, tape or another adhesive
  • Markers
  • A large piece of white or black posterboard
  • Black permanent marker

What You Do:

  1. Start by spray-painting the outside of your box, including the top and bottom. (Be sure to do this outside or in a well-ventilated area.) White or silver are the traditional computer colors, but now that computers come in rainbow shades, you can paint it in your child’s favorite color if he likes.
  2. Once the box is dry, use your Xacto knife or scissors to cut out holes for your child’s arms to come out through. The best way to do this is to position the box on your child so that it fits over his torso, just covering his shoulders, and mark the spot where his arms hit the box. Then you can take the box off and cut the holes where you’ve marked them.
  3. Seal the top of the box. Cut out a comfortably sized hole for your child’s head to fit through. Make sure that the box sits on your child's shoulders so that it won't fall down.
  4. Cut a large, square hole out of the center front of the box on the front face where your child's stomach would be. This will be the computer screen.
  5. Glue or tape the plain sheet of posterboard inside the frame, covering the screen opening you've just created, so that the overlapping sides are inside the box. If you want, you can help your child write something like “Trick or Treat” on the computer screen.
  6. Cut the bottom flaps off the box, keeping one of the longer flaps intact. If you haven't already, spray the flap that will become the keyboard with the same color spray paint as the rest of the box and set aside to fry. Once the flap is dry, help your child draw squares or a grid with the letters of the alphabet inside with a Sharpie to make a keyboard.
  7. Fit the flap to the bottom of the front face of the box (where the computer screen is) so that it sticks out like a computer keyboard.
  8. All your child needs to complete the costume is a sweatsuit in a matching color, though jeans and a T-shirt will work just as well, too. You can add any other details to the costume you might like. The sky's the limit!

This costume idea will work great for first graders, but it can be adapted for children (and adults) of any age!

Updated on Jun 25, 2013
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