Times Two Activity

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Updated on Sep 9, 2013

Excitement and enthusiasm are two words you don't normally associate with learning math, but this game will make you wonder why not! Your child and his friends will have a blast shouting out answers in this competitive game that will put their critical thinking skills to the test! Playing cards are placed out two at a time, and whoever yells out the number it would be if it were doubled wins the cards. The player who ends up with the most cards wins the game.

What You Need:

•  Deck of cards with the face card (jacks, queens and kings) removed

What You Do:

  1. Ask your child to remove the jokers from the deck and then shuffle the cards.
  2. Lay out two cards face up on the center of the table. Whoever correctly shouts out the number of the sum times 2 wins the cards. Example: If you lay out a 2 and 3, 2 + 3= 5 x 2 = 10. The correct answer is 10.
  3. If this becomes too easy, try laying out 3, or 4 cards at the same time, or having the players multiply by 3, or 4.
  4. Whichever player ends up with the most cards wins!

Helpful Tip: Increase the excitement by playing in teams!

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