Elijah's Cup Activity

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Updated on Apr 4, 2014

Every year during the Passover Seder, many Jewish families pour a cup of red wine for Elijah. This practice was created from a belief that Elijah, who is noted to rescue people from danger and share secrets of the Torah to those he deems worthy, will symbolically visit each home on this sacred holiday. This year, help your child create his own welcoming glass for Elijah. This keepsake is a great way to spark your child's interest in Passover traditions and can be used at Seder dinners for years to come.

What You Need:

  • Wine glass
  • Low-temperature glue gun (with parental supervision)
  • Pipe cleaners in a variety of colors
  • Yarn
  • Acrylic gems
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. Help your child begin by putting a small amount of hot glue directly onto the top of the glass and gluing the end of a piece of yarn to it. 
  2. Have him continue to wrap the yarn as you glue a thin line. Be careful to not touch the glue.
  3. When he's ready to change colors, cut the yarn and begin the next color yarn, or pipe cleaner, using the same technique.
  4. Encourage him to wrap the entire wine glass, including the base.
  5. Ask him to glue acrylic gems directly onto the yarn and pipe cleaners.
  6. Fill the glass with wine and await for Elijah's return!

Helpful Tip: To clean the glass, pour out the wine and use a soapy cloth to wipe the inside of the glass. People should not drink directly from this glass and it should never be washed under running water.

Did You Know?

Some families placed a cup full of water next to the Cup of Elijah. This cup is called the Cup of Miriam and it's a reference to Moses's sister, Miriam, and the well that provided the Israelites with water during their journey through the desert.

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