Sums of 10 Activity

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Updated on Jul 18, 2013

Practice finding sums of 10 in this card game. Work together with your first grader and help her master addition facts. Critical thinking skills are important, and creating opportunities for your child to use hers will improve her ability to solve more complex math problems.

What You Need:

  • Deck of playing cards (with the face cards removed)

What You Do:

  1. Place cards face down on a flat surface in a 4 x 10 array.
  2. Turn over 3 cards and place it face up.
  3. Scan the board for cards that add up to 10. Remove these cards, or card combinations, and place them in a discard pile.
  4. If there are no cards or combinations that add up to ten, flip over an additional card and see if there are any combinations of ten now.
  5. Keep flipping over cards until you can find a combination that adds up to ten.
  6. Remove cards until you can't find any more combinations. If you want, you can replenish the array with cards from the discard pile throughout the game.

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