Craft Unique Fridge Magnets Activity

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Updated on Dec 28, 2012

Need a way to display your child's artwork on the fridge but tired of your regular old magnets? Try this activity to make it a little more special! The project makes use of those freebie magnets from insurance companies and pizza delivery joints. Add a little decoration and make your own designs to make one-of-a-kind magnets for your one-of-a-kind kid!

What You Need:

  • Flat refrigerator magnets
  • Rubber cement
  • Decorative paper
  • Scissors
  • Wooden letters, cutouts, or other decoration

What You Do:

  1. Use the rubber cement to attach the decorative paper to the front of the magnet.
  2. Carefully trim the edges so the paper is smooth and even with the edges of the magnet.
  3. If you wish, cut the magnet into a shape, or in half to make smaller magnets.
  4. Use the rubber cement to attach your decorations to the magnet. Let your creative side shine through, as the possibilities for this step are nearly endless. Some ideas are:
  • Use paper or wooden letters to spell out your child's name or nickname, with one letter on each magnet.
  • Cut out a cardboard "frame" and put a photo of your child in it.
  • Draw a picture of your child's favorite animal, sport, food, or hobby.
  • Use your child's favorite colors to create a design, such as hearts, stars, lines and swirls, polka dots, etc.
  • Use paper or wooden letters to spell out your child's grade.
  • Cut magnets into circles and draw faces of each member of your family on them.
  • Use paper or wooden letters to spell out your last name.
  • Tie a small piece of ribbon into a bow and glue it onto a magnet. Make a rainbow by using a different color for each magnet.
  • Draw a picture of your child's school mascot and use school colors.
  1. Let the rubber cement dry thoroughly before attaching the magnet to your fridge.
  2. The result will be a totally unique and useful decoration for your fridge. Use the magnets to hang up artwork, school grades, shopping lists, and photos!

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