Guess the Distance: A Car Game

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Updated on May 13, 2014

"Are we there yet?" Every parent knows this phrase all too well. Here's a game to play in the car that's a fun way to keep your kids occupied during a long drive! The driver picks an object in the distance, and the players close their eyes and guess when they think they've reached the object. It's a great way to delay impatience, and will teach your child about depth perception at the same time!

What You Need:

  • An adult driver
  • At least two kids
  • A long drive

What You Do:

  1. The driver chooses an object far in the distance and announces it to the rest of the car. Objects could be a bridge, a lake, a hill, a billboard, a building, or anything else you see on your journey!
  2. All players then close their eyes, except the driver, of course.
  3. The players wait until they feel the car has reached the object. At that time, the player will call out, "Now!" Then she opens her eyes to see if she was right. Encourage her to stay quiet about whether or not the car has actually arrived to the object so other players can still guess.
  4. When all players have had their turn guessing and all eyes are opened, the driver decides who the winner is based on who called out when the car was closest to the object. This is a fun game to play on road trips and long drives!
Adapted with permission from 101 Family Vacation Games, Have Fun While Traveling , Camping or Celebrating at Home by Shando Varda. Hunter House Publishers (2006).

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