Pet Heating Pad Activity

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Updated on Mar 14, 2014

A puppy or a kitten is meant to sleep in a pile of brothers and sisters next to their mother. But in order for a pet to feel attached to a human they must leave their mother and their siblings to join their new family. In this simple activity, you and your child will make small heating pads for that special animal in your household. The pads can be put into a crate or in a sleeping area to keep them warm and make them feel at home. These microwaveable heating pads can be used for pets and humans alike and are great to use for aches and pains (especially for older pets) or give as gifts.

What You Need:

  • Old socks—natural fibers, cotton works best
  • Raw rice or beans
  • Plastic bags

What You Do:

  1. Help your child pour rice or beans into an old sock. Don’t pack too tightly, as you'll want the contents to be loose enough so that the bag will flatten out and be comfortable to lie on.
  2. When you have as much as you want in your bag, tie it or sew it shut (a grown up can help with this part).
  3. Heat your bag in a microwave for no longer than 2 minutes and 15 seconds. If you heat it again before it is completely cool, do not heat more than 1 minute.
  4. Put your warmed bag into a plastic bag (after it has been heated). This will keep it from getting dirty or soiled.
  5. Help your child put the heated bag which is in the plastic bag into another sock or wrap it in a towel. Place it in with your new pet.
  6. The bag can be used over and over again. Do not wash the bag, that is why you put it in another sock, which can be washed.

Note: Be careful when removing them from the microwave and applying to you or your pet's body. Shake the bag first. Feel around and make sure there are no areas that are hot spots, especially when using on young animals. Check the bag over time and replace when needed.

Marik Berghs is graphic designer with 30 years of experience. She also illustrates and writes childrens' literature. Jessica McBrayer is her daughter and is a professional crafter.

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