Japanese New Year Game

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Updated on Mar 10, 2014

Introduce your youngster to this Japanese version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Instead of just the tail, children must pin nose, eyes, ears and mouth onto a face! Be sure to photograph this modern art piece when the game is over. Perfect for a playdate or New Year's party.

What You Need:

  • Push pins or mounting tape
  • Scissors
  • 2 large white poster board
  • Construction paper in various colors
  • Blindfold
  • Non-toxic markers

Warning: supervise young children with scissor use!

What You Do:

  1. Invite your child to draw a large oval shape on one of the poster boards, taking up the entire space. Draw facial features (eyes, nose, mouth and ears) on the various pieces of construction paper. Make sure that they are the proper size to fit the head you've drawn on the first poster board.
  2. Have your child cut out the facial features.
  3. Mount the first poster board on the wall at child height with the tape or push pins.
  4. Help your child to put tape on the back of each feature.
  5. Hand your child a feature.
  6. Blindfold him, and then direct him toward the face.
  7. Encourage him to try to put the feature in its proper place.
  8. Repeat with the remaining features. 

For extra Fuku fun, blindfold your child before he gets to see whether he is placing a nose, mouth or ear on the face! If you're playing with a group, have the children take turns putting up facial features. You might even want to make more than one of each feature and see how close the kids can get to putting the features in their proper places.