Judge a Book by Its Cover Activity

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Updated on Sep 21, 2011

Is your child an aspiring book critic? Whether it’s a novel from the Twilight series or required school reading, this activity helps him learn a little about his own preconceptions, as he judges a book based on its appearance. All you need is a novel your child is interested in reading and a little patience. After analyzing the book's front cover, he'll need to put his first impressions aside to discover what the book really has to offer!

What You Need:

  • A book your child has not read
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Envelope

What You Do:

  1. Pick a book your child has not read yet, and have him look only at the outside cover (without reading summaries or descriptions).
  2. Have him write at least one paragraph about what he thinks the book is about. Encourage him to be in-depth with his predictions and write what he thinks will happen, what he believes the characters will be like, and anything else that comes to his mind when he studies the cover of the book.
  3. After he’s made his predictions, put away the paragraph he has written in a sealed envelope and keep it until he’s finished reading the book.
  4. Encourage him to revisit his initial remarks after the book is complete and analyze how his opinions have changed. If the book he read is one that you are also familiar with, you can have a short book club session with him to discuss the entire book as well as his first impression.
  5. The first things that come to our mind (the judgments we make when we see something) are usually indicative of our inner opinions and prejudices. Use this time to talk to your child about both of your mental outlooks and judgments. It just may be an enlightening experience for you both!

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