Make Your Own Snare Drum Activity

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Updated on Mar 2, 2012

Looking for a rockin' musical craft to add to your collection? This homemade snare drum made with everyday household items gets its authentic rattle sound from paper clips and tin. With a few easy construction steps, you child will be on his way to developing his rhythmic skills and listening skills. Get ready to rat-ta-tat-tat!

What You Need:

  • Metal cookie or candy tin
  • Metal paper clips (about 20)
  • Cardboard
  • Unsharpened pencil or chopsticks
  • Tape
  • Acrylic paint (optional)
  • Stickers (optional)
  • Paintbrush (optional)


What You Do:

  1. Remove the lid from the empty cookie tin and have your child decorate the outer surface with paint or stickers.
  2. Have your child place the tin on a sheet of cardboard and trace the circle. Leaving about 1/4 inch of space outside this circle, cut out the circle so it's slightly larger than the tin.
  3. Have your child turn the tin upside down and spread paper clips evenly on the recessed base of the tin.
  4. Place the cardboard circle over the paper clips. It should be slightly raised above the paper clips.and tape it to the sides of the tin with heavy-duty tape.
  5. Now your little musician can use unsharpened pencils or chopsticks to tap to his content!

Use this drum along with other homemade instruments to strike up a family band!

Tania K. Cowling is a former early childhood teacher and author of teacher resource books. Her Together Time crafts have been featured in print magazines and on the Internet.

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