Make a Matzoh Puzzle Activity

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Updated on Jul 16, 2014

Make the eating of Matzoh on Passover a bit more fun! This special edible Passover game uses broken pieces of matzoh to form a challenging puzzle that will help your little one build problem solving skills and get familiar with the basics of geometry. Your child can help you adapt it to be as simple or complex as she wants by thinking up creations and constructions that vary from basic shapes or colors to an entire picture crafted out of matzoh. After she puts the puzzle together, eat this special treat and start again from scratch!

What You Need:

  • Matzoh (at least one sheet)
  • Different colored food items that can be easily spread (optional)

What You Do:

  1. For very young children, or Passover purists who only want to use plain Matzoh, start with a plain piece of matzoh. Help your child to break the matzoh into "puzzle pieces." These should be fairly large in size. Try starting with as few as four, and gradually add pieces.
  2. Ask your child to count how many puzzle pieces (pieces of matzoh) there are.
  3. Mix the pieces up so that she can put the pieces together.
  4. Have your child puzzle the matzoh back into place by examining the shapes and edges, and then experimenting with different placements of the puzzle pieces.
  5. Another option: Older children may enjoy using easily spread food items to create a picture. Choose foods that are different colors and ask your child to design an image on top of the whole piece of matzoh. For example, she can create a landscape by spreading almond butter on as the land and jelly as the sky. (This can get messy!)
  6. Break apart the picture and then rearrange the pieces.
  7. Ask your child to puzzle together the matzoh picture.

Don't waste food! After you are done playing, eat the matzoh puzzle as is or use it in a favorite family recipe.