Make Your Own Olympic Rings Activity

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Updated on Feb 13, 2014

Although the Olympic games began long ago in ancient Greece, their renowned symbol—the Olympic rings—is much more recent, debuting at the 1920 Games in Antwerp, Belgium. The rings symbolize the international nature of the Olympics, including five rings to represent five competing continents.

Show your kid how to craft his own version of the symbolic rings using some easy-to-find art supplies! He can hang it in the window to lend some colorful support for the competition. Not only will this fun activity build up his fine motor skills, it also provides a great opportunity for him to learn more about the history and culture surrounding the games.

What You Need:

  • Two cups or mugs (one slightly larger than the other)
  • Paper or craft foam in the colors of the Olympic Rings: blue, yellow, black, green, and red
  • White foam or poster paper
  • Scissors
  • White glue or glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife (optional)

What You Do:

  1. On each color of construction paper or craft foam, have your child hold down the larger circle and trace around the lip with his pencil. He can then place the smaller glass in the center of the first circle, and draw around the lip of the smaller glass. Centering the smaller circle inside the larger circle helps ensure that the ring is even.
  2. Repeat the first step for each color, until all five rings are drawn.
  3. Ask him to cut out each circle, cutting the outside first. To cut out the inside, simply make a small fold in the center of the circle, taking care not to fold the outer ring. Help him cut a small slit into the fold, and then flatten the paper again. That way he can slip the edge of the scissors into the slit and use the opening to cut away the center circle.
  4. He should cut out all five rings using the above method.
  5. Ask him to lay all five rings onto the whiter paper in the order they will be glued together. Encourage him to examine the symbols carefully, making sure to replicate the design of the Olympic rings.
  6. Invite him to glue the rings to each other, or onto a white background page. If using construction paper, go ahead and use a glue stick. Otherwise, use white glue.
  7. Leave the Olympic rings out to dry!
  8. Encourage your kid to decorate for the occasion. Tape the rings to a window, where they can be easily seen by those passing by. They can also be glued on a white page, put onto a dowel pin, and made into a flag that can be waved during the competition.