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Pass It!

Pass It! Activity

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Your kindergartener will love learning about numbers with this simple game of chance. Using dice, you'll work together to remember numbers and predict who'll win. When your child becomes savvy enough to recognize the repeating patterns, let her make up new rules for playing the next round! This is a great game to play with three or more friends.

What You Need:

  • 5 dice
  • Small bowl, or cup
  • 5 pennies per player

What You Do:

  1. Take turns rolling the dice and following these four basic rules: If you roll a 1, put a penny in the cup. If you roll a 2, pass one penny to the player on the right. If you roll a 3, pass one penny to the player on the left. If you roll a 4, 5 or 6, don't do anything.
  2. If the number of pennies in front of any player is less than 5, they need to roll a number dice equal to the number of pennies he has. (Example: If they have 3 pennies, they should roll 3 dice.)
  3. If a player doesn't have any pennies, they can stay in the game in the hopes that someone will pass them pennies on another player's turn.
  4. Continue playing until one person has all of the pennies.
  5. Whoever accumulates all of the pennies wins!
Updated on Sep 6, 2013
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