Plastic Soap Dish Activity

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Updated on May 2, 2013

Recycle an old soda bottle into a beautiful, functional soap dish! In this environmentally-friendly project, your child will easily learn how to transform a disposable item into an object worth keeping with just a pair of scissors and some paint markers.

What You Need:

  • 1 or 2 liter plastic bottle, empty, clean and dry
  • Hole-punch
  • Scissors
  • Paint markers
  • Craft knife


What You Do:

  1. Help your child start the project by cutting a slit with a craft knife into the bottle at the half-way point. The slit should be large enough that your child can slide a hole punch into the bottle.
  2. Have her slide the hole punch into the bottle and punch out a hole. Then draw a straight line around the bottle matching up to either side of the punched out hole.
  3. Use a scissors to cut along the line. The hole punch should be enough area to begin cutting from.
  4. Recycle the top portion of the bottle, or set it aside for a different art project.
  5. Draw a wavy line around the top edge of the cut bottle to create a scalloped edge. Cut around the wavy line and recycle the leftover plastic.
  6. Use the paint markers to design a fun and beautiful pattern around the base of the plastic bottle, turning it into a soap dish.

Put your favorite smelling soap in your new dish while you help to save the environment!  

Ellen Dean has worked as an art educator in Thailand since 2005, working with both children and adults. She has also been a professional artist working in painting, sculpture and photography since 1996.

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