Make a Raffia-Wrapped Fall Wreath Activity

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Updated on Nov 14, 2012

Looking for a way to get into the fall spirit? Try doing this fun arts and crafts project with your child! As he designs his own raffia-wrapped wreath, he'll get lots of fine motor skills practice, and you'll end up with a beautiful autumn decoration that's perfect for hanging on your front door.

What You Need:

  • 12-inch wire wreath frame
  • Raffia leaves (real or silk)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fall nature items (such as colorful leaves, nutshells, etc.)

What You Do:

  1. If you have the time, take your child on a walk through the backyard or around the neighborhood to collect nature items he can include in his wreath. As you walk, ask him how we can tell that fall is coming. What are some of the signs that he notices?
  2. When you get back to the house, lay out your materials and help him use scissors to cut lengths of raffia.
  3. After it's all cut, have him take a length of raffia and wrap it around the wreath frame, tying the ends together before adding more.
  4. Help him continue wrapping and tying until the wire frame is completely covered.
  5. Encourage him to position a few of the fall items he found on the nature walk around the wreath. Once he's decided where he wants everything to go, you can secure the items to the wreath using a hot glue gun.

After the glue dries, hang the finished fall wreath on your front door for friends and neighbors to admire!

Sarah Lipoff has a K-12 Art Education degree and enjoys working with kids of all ages.

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