T-Shirt Pillow Activity

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Updated on Nov 8, 2012

When your child has outgrown that favorite t-shirt that he just can’t bear to part with, why not recycle it into a pillow? He will love the fact that he doesn't have to get rid of his favorite shirt but will get to cuddle with it instead! This t-shirt pillow is easy to do, and it makes a great gift too! It is also a fantastic opportunity for your child to work on color matching the thread to the shirt color and then threading the needle of the sewing machine for fine motor finger work.

What You Need:

  • T-shirt of your choice (a new one with a logo you like or an outgrown, well-loved shirt)
  • Sewing machine (or a needle and ambitious hands)
  • Pillow stuffing (you can get this at a craft store, fabric store, or even Wal Mart)
  • Thread
  • Pins (optional, but recommended)

What You Do:

  1. Turn the clean t-shirt inside out.
  2. Have your child help you pin the bottom edges of the t-shirt together. Make sure to place the pins next to where you want to sew so that the needle doesn't hit the pins while sewing!
  3. Sew across the bottom edge so that it is shut completely and remove the pins carefully.
  4. Now, have your child help you pin and sew the arms in a similar way! Pin and sew at the very edges of the sleeves to make a t-shirt shaped pillow (fantastic for cuddling and a fun addition to a kid's room).
  5. Turn the shirt back right-side out and let your child start stuffing! For a fuller pillow, make sure to push the stuffing to the corners and really plump it up. The stuffing will get compressed a little over time.
  6. Once the shirt is full and you are happy with it, flatten the collar edges together and sew them shut.
  7. Voila! A great pillow that is sure to bring some recycled comfort and joy.

For a larger pillow, use an adult-sized shirt. You will need more stuffing or fill for the shirt, but it makes such a cozy pillow!