Make Stained Glass Crayons Activity

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Updated on Sep 30, 2013

Is your child’s art box a jumble of crayon stubs and broken bits? Don’t throw them out! You can use crayon scraps to make beautiful “stained glass” window hangings and even more crayons.

What You Need:

  • Waxed paper
  • Crayon stubs
  • Crayon sharpener, carrot peeler or grater (depending on your child’s ability level)
  • Iron
  • Newspaper
  • Yarn
  • Hole punch

What You Do:

  1. Cut two large, matching pieces of waxed paper and lay one piece flat on your work surface.
  2.  Peel the paper from your crayons. Have your child sharpen or grate the crayon bits over the wax paper in a decorative design.
  3. When finished, top with the second piece of waxed paper and the newspaper.
  4. Then, iron the paper on low until the crayons have melted enough to hold both pieces of paper together (keep lifting newspaper to check).
  5. Let cool. Trim edges and punch a hole at the top. Add a yarn hook. 
  6. Hang in your child's window or around the house. Better than Chartres!