Make Your Own Matching Game

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Updated on Mar 20, 2014

This make-your-own matching game is a little like dominoes, and a little like a memory game. Your child will flex her visual recognition skills as she pairs up matching patterns on craft sticks she designed herself! She'll also practice her color recognition skills as she differentiates between colors in the patterns, and foster her artistic talent.

What You Need:

  • 16 craft sticks
  • Markers in 4 or more colors, inlcuding black

What You Do:

  1. Set the crafts sticks side by side on a table, going vertically across.
  2. Help your child carefully draw a bold, black line across the center of the sticks.
  3. Have her draw a different pattern on each half of the sticks. She can use patterns such as dots, stripes, plaid, or checks, or try making one side a solid color, the other side a pattern. Even a simple picture like a smiley face will work. Make sure each stick has an identical match—another stick with a matching top and bottom.
  4. Mix the sticks up together and place them in front of your child. Challenge her to match each stick with the right pair.

When she's done, talk to her about the different patterns you drew. Help her name them, and see if she can find the same patterns anywhere else in your house!

Adapted with permission from "Do Touch: Instant, Easy, Hands-On Learning Experiences for Young Children." Copyright 1989 by LaBritta Gilbert. Used by Permission of Gryphon House, Inc., Maryland. All Rights Reserved.

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