Count the Suns: Number Flash Cards Activity

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Updated on Dec 28, 2012

Counting is one of the most essential skills for preschoolers to acquire in preparation for kindergarten. Want to make number skills second nature to your child? Try these cheerful, "sunny" number flash cards! As she enjoys the wonders of math, she'll also get a positive boost from these bright-looking, sun-shaped cards!

What You Need:

  • Card stock or other thick paper
  • Scissors
  • Circle-shaped template (try a large coffee can or the top of a cup)
  • Markers

What You Do:

  1. Ask your child to describe the shape of the sun to you. Explain that you'll be making the flash cards in the shape of a circle to look like the sun. Help her trace ten separate circles onto the card stock.
  2. Next, cut the circles out with scissors. (Most young kids need adult assistance for this step.) Allow her to try cutting on her own first. If she doesn't get the hang of it right away, simply trace extra circles.
  3. Now, have her draw a sun shape onto the first circle card. Encourage her to be creative and make rays in different colors, or add in clouds.
  4. Turn the card over, and help her write the number one.
  5. Finally, repeat for each number up to ten, making the corresponding number of suns on one side, and then writing the number on the other.

After all ten cards are complete, use these sun-shaped cards to reinforce basic number concepts. Have her count the number of suns on the front of the card, and say the answer aloud. For added fun, make two sets of the cards and play a memory or matching game!