The Right Tool for the Job Activity

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Updated on Aug 14, 2014

This Labor Day, help your child explore various occupations by discussing the tools workers use on a daily basis at their jobs. This is a good way to discuss the various functions of tools and how some of them require specialized skills. Certain tools are used indoors, while others are used outdoors. Many of the workers who use tools perform tasks that are integral to our safety, comfort, health, and happiness. If you really think about it, it's easy to see how these workers make a direct impact on our daily lives. That's why on Labor Day we celebrate the entire workforce.

What You Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Thin black marker

What You Do:

  1. On a sheet of paper, help your child list out a variety of occupations which require specific tools so that workers can successfully do their jobs. His list might include the following professions: teacher, doctor, police officer, salesman, cashier, truck driver, construction worker, and chef.
  2. Ask him if he could name at least one tool each worker on his list uses on a daily basis.
  3. Have him draw the tool on a sheet of white paper using a pencil.
  4. Encourage him to go over his pencil marks with black marker, leaving an outline drawing of each tool.
  5. Have him write the name of the tool below the illustration of the tool. Also, be sure to have your kid include the name of the professional who would use the tool.

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