Tightrope Walking Activity

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Updated on May 6, 2013

With this game, your child won’t know he’s practicing his balancing skills and gaining experience with the directions forward, backward, and sideways. He’ll only know he’s having fun pretending to be in the circus!

What You Need:

  • Long jump rope or strip of masking tape

What You Do:

  1. Place the rope or masking tape in a straight line on the floor or ground.
  2. Invite your child to pretend she’s walking the tightrope like an acrobat in the circus.
  3. Once she’s comfortable walking in a forward direction, invite her to walk sideways in both directions and, finally, backward.

Eventually you can ask your child to try different locomotor skills. You can either assign them – such as tiptoeing, galloping, and hopping – or add a problem-solving element to the activity. For example, challenge your child to find three different ways to move across the tightrope in a forward direction. This is a great experience in problem solving!

Rae Pica is a children's physical activity specialist and the author of A Running Start: How Play, Physical Activity, and Free Time Create a Successful Child (Da Capo Press, 2006) and Great Games for Young Children (Gryphon House, 2006).

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