Make Your Own Trivet

Third Grade Construction & Sculpture Activities: Make Your Own Trivet

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Invite your child to have fun clearing up her yard at home or school! She can find all the 7" long twigs that are around, and weave them into this useful kitchen stand for hot pots and pans. This makes a great gift for Mom, and she'll be delighted to use up her fabric scraps, too! This eco-friendly craft does not only benefit the lucky recipient, however; it will do wonders for your child's fine motor skills! Make sure to remind her to not pull any branches from a living tree, but instead have her gather only those that have fallen on the ground.

What You Need:

  • 20 small 7" long twigs per trivet
  • Scissors
  • Twelve 24" long and 3" wide fabric strips or cords

What You Do:

  1. Direct your child to hunt for your 20 small twigs and bring them home.
  2. Instruct her to pick out half of them, and lay them in a row horizontally.
  3. Instruct your child to secure a fabric strip with a pin next to the closest horizontal strip.
  4. Moving upward, she can weave the fabric strip over and under the twigs (over the top of one, then under the next).
  5. When your child reaches the end of the row, ask her to start a new row back toward you with the same fabric strip.
  6. Help your child tie it off when she gets back to the starting point. Make sure that you tie the fabric loosely enough for the trivet to lie flat on the surface.
  7. Have your child repeat steps 3-6, until you have woven in at least 5 fabric strips.
  8. Repeat the entire list of steps with a second group of 10 twigs.
  9. Finally, help your child use the last 2 fabric strips to tie the 2 twig groupings together.
Updated on Dec 19, 2012
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