The Place Value Game

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Updated on Jul 23, 2013

Understanding place value is an important math skill! Help your child gain confidence as he competes to create the largest number using a deck of playing cards. As you play, open a dialogue about where to put selected cards. (For example, a 9 should go in the highest place, as it will help make a larger number.) Ask questions about why your child selects a particular position for a card and what might be some good strategies to win.

What You Need:

  • Deck of playing cards (with tens and face cards removed)
  • Several players
  • Sheet of paper for each player
  • Pencil for each player

What You Do:

  1. Help the players create place value position sheets. Each position sheet should contain 4 different columns, one for each place value position. Thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones should serve as the column headers.
  2. If your deck contains Jokers, you may want to include them and have them count as 0.
  3. Shuffle the deck of cards and place it in a pile, face down.
  4. Have the players take turns drawing a card from the pack and placing them on their place value position sheet. Once a card has been placed in a particular column, it cannot be moved.
  5. Play until all spaces on the mats are filled. Whoever has the largest number wins and receives a point.
  6. Keep playing until you've mastered place value.

If you're playing this game with kids who are a little bit older, you can include additional columns to the position sheet and label them tenths, hundredths, etc.