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Looking for kids activities to show your child the fun side of learning? From science experiments and math games to writing projects and more, we've got you covered!

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The world is an amazing place. Let your child find out just how amazing it is with this mother lode of activities!
First Grade
Life Science
Science just got a little more fun. Try this medley of ooey-gooey experiments, colorful chemistry and even a little forensic science.
Third Grade
Physical Science
Here's a way to bring young children into the process of preparing healthy school lunches, and build up early literacy skills while they're at it!
First Grade
Help your little one figure out the differences between the worlds of air, land and water, a huge step in understanding how our environment works.
In kindergarten, kids work with patterns.  Try making this practical but decorative piece of clothing together for fun and math practice.
Use simple items to create a kindergarten 'grow box' that lets a kid see just how salad plants send down their roots and grow underground.
Construction & Sculpture
One thing's for sure: Earth produces some real treasures. From what the soil brings forth to rocky outcroppings and wind-swept plains, there are natural marvels to behold no matter where you happen to land. Check out this collection of terrestrial activities and crafts that'll help your kid cultivate an appreciation of our magnificent planet.
Second Grade
Nature Activities
Here's a pressed leaf card project that puts science and writing together for your second grader.
Second Grade
Life Science
Bugs sure are amazing creatures. Have your child explore the wonderful world of bugs as he crafts his very own bugs and ponders what it would be like to be a bug himself!
First Grade
Introduce kindergarteners to this group of fascinating little creatures with these buggy activities and crafts. Soon they'll be clamoring for even more bug-filled fun.
Are you looking for a new way to help your fourth grader celebrate New Year's Day? Try this Flash Back Book!
Fourth Grade
Satisfy your kindergartener's fascination of different sounds with this easy science project, where he'll use his ears instead of his eyes to identify sounds!
Simple Experiments

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