Fifth Grade Activities

Fifth graders can be tough customers when it comes to extracurricular learning, but you're sure to find something to accommodate just about any preference among our collection of fifth grade activities. Whether you have a kid who needs to play catch-up in a few areas or you're dealing with a more advanced learner, you'll find plenty of ideas that suit your needs right here. Check out these activities and try out a few to keep your kid engaged and learning.

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Learn about Ikebana, or the Japanese art of flower arranging, with your child while artfully arranging spring flowers!
Fifth Grade
Nature Activities
Show your fifth grader how to create a vivid and colorful, Picasso-inspired, 3-D mask.
Fifth Grade
Paper & Glue Crafts
This activity will introduce your child to the four different components of blood and give him a fun way to visualize its properties.
Fifth Grade
Life Science
Inspired by Charles Kaufman's crushed can art, this activity lets kids make their own unique works of art using, you guessed it, crushed cans and paint!
Fifth Grade
Recycled Crafts
Pair a planetarium visit with this fun art project that mimics the look of far-off galaxies.
Fifth Grade
Earth & Space Science
Try a new approach to working with variables and equations by playing this tic-tac-toe game with your math student.
Fifth Grade
Middle School
The human knot game is a perfect team-building exercise and a fun activity that's sure to bring lots of laughs along the way.
Fifth Grade
Group Games
This entertaining magic trick will 'trick' kids into using math skill to impress their friends!
Fifth Grade
One way to 'trick' your child into getting extra practice with one-step equations is to play a variation of the classic game, tic tac toe.
Fifth Grade
Algebra & Functions
Make some beautiful and unique candles to light your home.
Fifth Grade
Construction & Sculpture
What are the rules of your home? Help your fifth grader draft a Family Constitution and even give it an aged look using soaked tea bags.
Fifth Grade
US History
The proportion game combines chance with math skills and is a perfect way for your third grader to become more familiar with equivalent fractions.
Fifth Grade
Want a sugar-sculpted house, just like Hansel and Gretel found? Make a miniature version in this sweet geometry activity.
Fifth Grade
Learn about the beautiful Indian art of Madhubani painting with this fun and creative project.
Fifth Grade
Painting & Drawing

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