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Fourth Grade Activities

If your fourth grader complains that school is a snooze and learning is a chore, it's probably time to inject some fun into your learning routine. Our selection of activities for fourth graders covers just about every topic and subject a nine- to ten-year old kid might need or want to know. We have everything from mind-blowing science experiments, to intricate arts and crafts projects. These hands-on activities are sure to help show your growing kid the lighter side of learning.

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Classic meatloaf gets a healthy update with quinoa in place of breadcrumbs.
Fourth Grade
This twist on classic mashed potatoes includes parsnips, a root vegetable with a sweet flavor your kids will love.
Fourth Grade
This quick and easy pasta dish is loaded with sweet grape tomatoes and vitamin-packed red pepper pesto.
Fourth Grade
Grab some rope and a couple of rafts and you're ready to play Rope Rush, an exciting race game for the pool!
Fourth Grade
Pool Games
This activity will help your child tackle those tricky fraction word problems by way of a hands-on method.
Fourth Grade
Try this entertaining and educational math activity that will teach your child how to add and subtract decimals.
Fourth Grade
Help your child get a grasp on what it was like to build gigantic ancient structures with this easy engineering activity about science and physics.
Fourth Grade
Physical Science
Help your child learn healthy eating habits by transforming every kid's favorite food into a healthy, flavorful after-school snack.
Fourth Grade

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