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Looking for kids activities to show your child the fun side of learning? From science experiments and math games to writing projects and more, we've got you covered!

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With this fun craft activity, your child can design and 'make' his own money, for use as currency and math practice at home.
Third Grade
Paper & Glue Crafts
Kids will get a kick out of shopping for discounted 'kicks' with this creative math game that focuses on percentages.
Fourth Grade
Want your little one to experience the thrill of the hunt? These scavenger hunts are the perfect way to put you child's observational skills to the test. With words, numbers, and locations as her targets, she'll become the master of her environment and hone her mental and physical prowess to boot!
Group Games
Join Mason jar mania with eight dazzling DIY projects that are as simple and cheap as they are fun! Check out our Pinterest page for more creative ideas.
First Grade
Recycled Crafts
Is your third grader bombing around on a bike these days? Here's a way to put all that fun time together with some math learning, too.
Third Grade
Here's a hands-on activity that first grade use to help kids get a feel for equations. It uses popsicle sticks to practice addition and subtraction!
First Grade

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