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Looking for kids activities to show your child the fun side of learning? From science experiments and math games to writing projects and more, we've got you covered!

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Help your child learn her numbers and how to count with this fun number game!
Counting & Numbers
Here are 3 inexpensive ways for kids to make their own beads, from scratch.
Beads & Jewelry
Running low on supplies with no time to run to the store? Looking for a safer alternative for you child to play with? Try these fun homemade recipes!
Construction & Sculpture
Welcome your little learner to the wonderful world of the word with these activities specifically designed for the budding reader. From letter recognition, to introductory phonics, to honing those fine motor skills, this collection of activities will get the reading and writing juices flowing and will foster a love of the written word that will serve your preschooler for many years to come!
Fine Motor Skills
After all that hard work in elementary school, your fifth grader deserves a little fun! Throw your student a graduation party that features delicious food and entertaining projects.
Fifth Grade
Tea leaves, Andy Warhol, Rorschach tests ... These aren't your normal art projects for kids. But they are tons of fun and can introduce your child to new techniques. Complete all 10 and let your child set up a mini art museum in your house!
Need another reason to celebrate Thanksgiving? Now kids can create a sunny, textured sunflower card to remember the day!
Second Grade
Paper & Glue Crafts
Make these homemade friendship pencils for a party or the beginning of school and have a stylish writing utensil that kids will love trading.
Fifth Grade
Recycled Crafts
Foster your high schooler's passion for her favorite topic and bolster reading and writing skills by helping her create this self-published zine!
Middle School
Paper & Glue Crafts
Show your fourth grader how to embrace a green lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors with a homemade, recycled picnic basket.
Fourth Grade
Recycled Crafts

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