Math and Holidays & Seasons Activities for Kids

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Homemade chocolates are a surprisingly easy way to make unique and personal treats. Make a batch of homemade chocolates with your child this Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day
Middle School
Guide your third grader through writing a descriptive paragraph about her favorite sporting event from the Winter Olympic Games.
Winter Olympics
Third Grade
Counting practice: Your child can't get enough of it. Play fun number games and use number sense to create cool crafts.
Counting & Numbers
A valentine garland makes any home look more lovely on Valentine's Day. Craft a simple valentine garland with your child to add some heart to your day.
Valentine's Day
First Grade
What's the first thing an Olympic athlete does after arriving in the Olympic Village? Send a postcard to the folks back home, of course!
Winter Olympics
Summer Olympics
With a few strokes of white paint, kids can transform an old family photograph into a lovely winter scene in this kindergarten arts and crafts activity.
In honor of Black History Month, this activity encourages your child to focus on African American inventors, and do a little inventing of his own.
Black History Month
Fourth Grade
Help your child create a garden journal sketchbook as she observes and records the natural world around her through the changing seasons.
This recipe provides a quicker, easier, and slightly healthier way to prepare this classic Louisiana Creole dish.
Black History Month
Here are four chocolate bark ideas to prepare with your kids that everyone will love.
Second Grade
Here's an activity to teach your fourth grader how to reflect on her past year and set specific, attainable goals to reach in the New Year.
The Holiday Season
Fourth Grade
For a fun activity that takes the dull out of decimals, show you child how to gain a better understanding of dollar amounts!
Algebra & Functions
This gumbo recipe is a yummy way to celebrate Black History Month, and get a little practice in measurement.
Black History Month
Fifth Grade

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