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Browse through's fantastic collection of preschool arts and crafts projects! We have hundreds of fantastic preschool crafts to engage the creativity of your preschooler, from great preschool craft projects like homemade rocket ships to preschool art projects like a family coat of arms. These activities are the perfect way to create an afternoon of fun for you and your little one.

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Ever wonder where paint comes from? This recipe works well with preschoolers because of its consistency and its natural nontoxicity.
Painting & Drawing
Make a natural wooden peg board to sharpen your child's color skills. Help your little one ace her color matching skills with this natural wooden peg board.
Construction & Sculpture
Create clear sound shakers so your preschooler can observe and compare the different sounds that objects make!
Construction & Sculpture
Craft these awards out of ribbon for a birthday, party, holiday, or any other event you can think of!
Fabric Projects
Enjoy the beach all year long with this fun activity that uses sand, seashells, and a shoebox to create a mini beach right in your house!
Construction & Sculpture

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