Probability Activities & Games for Kids

Looking for cool probability activities and probability games for kids? Check out these cool ways to teach probability from! These probability projects express probability visually, helping to make this difficult concept more intuitive. Try testing out the classic Monty Hall Problem or learning about probability with a deck of cards. Not only are these probability activities and probability games designed with fun in mind, but they're written to help students truly grasp the reasoning behind what can otherwise feel like a totally abstract concept. Check them out!

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Help your 4th grader master the art of reading and analyzing bar graphs while following the Winter Olympics with this fun math activity.
Probability & Statistics
Fourth Grade
By tracking nutritional information from candy wrappers, your teen can use statistics to find which treats offer the fewest tricks on Halloween!
Probability & Statistics
High School
For some math concepts, doing the math itself is easy. The hard part is helping your child remember which formula to use for which term!
Probability & Statistics
Middle School
This activity will further your child's ability to interpret graphs and let her apply math skills in a real-world situation.
Probability & Statistics
Fifth Grade

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