Recycled Crafts

Recycled crafts show kids how to make unique pieces of art by thinking outside of the box. Each eco-friendly recycled art project can be made with materials found around the house, or items that are usually thrown away. Egg cartons, old t-shirts, and broken jewelry can all turn into works of art with a little effort and imagination. The possibilities are endless! A great idea for Earth Day activities or weekend projects, recycled crafts help protect the environment, and save you money on art supplies, too!

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Make cool stuff out of recyclable materials, or go on a trip around the world. Whatever you do, it'll be fun and educational!
Recycled Crafts
Fifth Grade
This activity is a craft project and a math workshop all in one! Use found objects to encourage your child to imitate, extend, and create patterns.
Recycled Crafts
Second Grade
Recycle bottles of different shapes and sizes to create a group of unique dolls that are as unique as the real people around you!
Recycled Crafts
Second Grade
Get ready for leftovers with an adorable turkey lunch bag! This recycled craft is a great way to remind everyone how much fun they had on Thanksgiving.
Recycled Crafts
First Grade

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