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Looking for kids activities to show your child the fun side of learning? From science experiments and math games to writing projects and more, we've got you covered!

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In this activity, find out who the flowers' 'partners in crime' are by being a flower spy!
Middle School
Life Science
At the end of December, it's traditional to take a look back and reflect on the past year's accomplishments. Instead of dropping a pretty penny on pricey traditions, ring in the new year with these reflective - and sparkly - celebratory crafts.
New Year
Paper & Glue Crafts
Make an 'I'm NOT Bored' book filled with your child's favorite activities, to reference the next time she has the urge to declare, 'I'm bored.'
Second Grade
Inspire your fifth grader to explore a new culture and determine her New Year's fortune by playing this German wax dripping game.
Fifth Grade
Group Games
What do a pool, a raft and a golf club have in common? They are all integral ingredients in the fun game of Aqua Golf, a great activity for kids of all ages.
Fourth Grade
Pool Games
Looking for ways to teach your third grader about  other cultures and exciting traditions? Try some of these activities to get the learning started!
Third Grade
World Cultures
Introduce your fifth grader (and friends) to a unique Jewish tradition by paying homage to the Maccabiah games by engaging them in their own makeshift games!
Fifth Grade
Group Games
Help your first grader design and create his very own bird feeder out of an empty milk carton.
First Grade
Recycled Crafts
Using plants and other items from the outdoors and clothing they already own, your kids can dress up as any one of the four seasons or simply as a Garden.
Fabric Projects
Encourage your child to learn about air pressure by helping him devise his own squirt gun with a water bottle.
Fourth Grade
Construction & Sculpture
Is your kindergartener having trouble picking outfits for the rapidly cooling weather? This handy dressing wheel makes getting ready a breeze!
Construction & Sculpture
Make a clay sculpture of a fall tree to celebrate the changing seasons and bring out the artist in your third grader.
Third Grade
Construction & Sculpture
Hand over the ruler and measuring cup! Challenge your mathematician to 12 fun-filled measuring activities.
Fifth Grade

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